Methamphetamine Testing & Decontamination

Methamphetamine Testing & Decontamination

"The socio-economic diversity of meth addicts, suggest it has become an everyman’s drug; as attractive to high-powered businessman as it is to adolescents and is on the rise in WA"

Methamphetamine is a crystal that vapourises when heated (cooked or smoked excessively). The vapour clings to surfaces and reforms into crystals.  People and pets then come into contact with these contaminated surfaces as they move around the home and the meth enters the body through the skin and contact from the hands, mouth, nose and eyes.  Babies are especially vulnerable as they crawl around on the floor.

Meth contamination is largely associated with rental properties, so having the property tested before you move in or purchase the property as an investment, can provide you with peace of mind for yourself, your family, loved ones and pets.


Using our discrete and rapid testing, DeLucks can quickly and efficiently identify a contaminated property within minutes.  If the residue is present by a positive reading, Lab testing will give you the levels of contamination and whether the contamination was caused by smoking or manufacturing.  From here decontamination plans can be put into place.

Unfortunately Methamphetamine may be closer than you think, get your investment property regularly meth tested in between tenants so ensure you can isolate the issues before they become out of hand.


A meth contaminated property has the potential of making the occupants that live within that property sick. However decontamination can be as simple as a commercial clean with specially formulated inexpensive products.  The worst cases will need soft furnishing replaced.  There are a lot of sharks out there - be careful!  If you have been advised by someone that your property is highly contaminated and fixing it will cost you in excess of $10,000, then get in contact with us and we can provide you with a trustworthy, independent second opinion, and usually save you thousands!


If you have used another company to test and decontaminate your property, we can come in to retest, independently validating the result of negative and clearing the property before you proceed with moving in or purchasing it.  Peace of mind is Priceless and could save your Health and $$.