Pre-Purchase Full Comprehensive Inspection

Pre-Purchase Full Comprehensive Inspection


Single Storey $850 - Combined with Timber Pest Inspection $1050

Double Storey $1050 - Combined with Timber Pest Inspection $1250

This inspection covers everything a Structural inspection does plus a room by room inspection highlighting minor or major defects to the interior and exterior of the building and surrounding site and includes fencing and driveways. We highlight maintenance related issues, check electrical and plumbing fixtures and fittings and advise on any safety related issues that may need further investigation. We also test for moisture behind the shower recesses. This inspection gives you a snapshot of the property as a whole and assists you in preparing for any future maintenance and repairs. The information in this Report, over and above any Major Defects identified, will assist with any Good Working Order clause in your Contract of Sale. This allows all parties time to remedy any issues before Settlement.